Move Around Horse Tie System

The Move Around Horse Tie System is revolutionary and ingenious! Fully adjustable to tie the tallest of horses as well as the tiniest mini. Made of high quality aircraft aluminum, allowing your horse 360 degree movement. Limited time offer: Use coupon code MOVE2016 to receive $20 discount order.


It is well known in the horse industry that it is safer to tie a horse above the head versus low at a post. Likewise, it is ideal if the horse can move around a bit to ease anxiety, and if this horse is moving, he must not become tangled in his tie rope. We have used what we call the Move Around Horse Tie System at our ranch with our personal horses for years. It works very well!  Simple and sturdy...there are no bearings, no grease, no mechanical parts to break. The only maintenance required is to periodically check the set screws to ensure they remain tight.

Other "above head" tie out systems are based on a rotating arm that extends out above the horse's head, posing an injury risk if the horse was to rear up. The Move Around Horse Tie System is different with a short, rounded tie point, which we have found to be safer for our horses. We simply tie our horse to the Move Around Horse Tie System using his own lead rope and walk away.